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Note: this artifact is located at Clojars repository ( The CAVA Corpus: Synchronised Stereoscopic and Binaural Datasets with Head Movements E. Arnaud1,3 , H. Christensen2 , Y.C. Lu2 , J. Barker2 , V. Khalidov3 , M. Hansard3 , B. Holveck3 , H. Mathieu3 , R. Narasimha3 , E. Taillant3 , F. Forbes3 , R. Horaud3 1 Université Joseph Fourier, LJK 2 Department of Computer Sc 3 INRIA Rhône-Alpes Grenoble ... Multimodal EmotionLines Dataset (MELD) has been created by enhancing and extending EmotionLines dataset. Multiple speakers participated in the dialogues. Each utterance in a dialogue has been labeled by any of these seven emotions -- Anger, Disgust, Sadness, Joy, Neutral, Surprise and Fear. Nov 08, 2017 · Getting the corpus. Download and print the Organizational and Individual agreement forms above. Send a scan of the Organizational form to NIST to: [email protected] In your email include the following: Subject: request for Washington Post corpus; Complete and keep the individual agreement form on file at your organization. The corpus contains annotations for a novel corpus of 2.4k threads and 9.2k comments from Yahoo News and 1k threads from Internet Argument Corpus. Dataset has been added to your cart Select this Dataset Endless Possibilities. extends the endless possibilities of the publically released Enron data for research and development through data analysis and reconstruction, specifically, the data released by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). 120 Million Word Spanish Corpus: Composed of 57 text files in XML format, this dataset contains multiple Wikipedia articles in each text file. The text of each article is tagged with metadata about the article, as well as each article’s title. Corpus linguistics has now come of age and Corpus Approaches to Discourse equips students with the means to question, defend and refine the methodology. Looking at corpus linguistics in discourse research from a critical perspective, this volume is a call for greater reflexivity in the field. Description: The t5 corpus is a sample of files derived from the GovDocs corpus and is designed to help test tools for (bitwise) approximate matching. The data set consists of all files in the first five directories (000-004) between 4 KB and 17 MB in size. BSTC (Baidu Speech Translation Corpus) is a large-scale dataset for automatic simultaneous interpretation. BSTC version 1.0 contains 50 hours of real speeches, including three parts, the audio files, the transcripts, and the translations. The corpus can be used to build automatic simultaneous This is corpus developed to research the Japanese language of the Meiji and Taisho eras. The ‘Taiyo corpus’, ‘Modern women’s magazines corpus’, ‘Meiroku Zasshi corpus’, and ‘Kokumin-no-Tomo corpus’ are available. Chunagon. Chunagon is a web concordancer that enables a three-way search of the corpora developed by NINJAL. Datasets for Data Mining, Analytics and Knowledge Discovery. Any Paid Dataset or Resource must be marked as such in the title with [PAID].This corpus contains a large metadata-rich collection of fictional conversations extracted from raw movie scripts: - 220,579 conversational exchanges between 10,292 pairs of movie characters - involves 9,035 characters from 617 movies - in total 304,713 utterances - movie metadata included: - genres - release year - IMDB rating Color Reference (English) Download. Size: 948 games; 53,365 utterances.. Description: Players saw three color swatches.Trials were split evenly among three conditions manipulating the context to give rise to different pragmatic language use. Content: These datasets contain counted syntactic ngrams (dependency tree fragments) extracted from the English portion of the Google Books corpus. The datasets are described in the following publication. A more popular description is available here. The dataset format and organization are detailed in the README file. The likablity database is a subset of the AGender database, both generated at the Telekom Innovation Laboratories. From the AGender data, which contains sentences from German speakers spoken over telefone equally distibuted in seven age-gender groups, 800 utterances were taken...LDC Catalog. LDC's Catalog contains hundreds of holdings. Use the buttons below to browse, search, and view catalog entries. TIGER Corpus 2.2 converted into CoNLL-2009 dependency trees (by the tool Tiger2Dep) the TIGER 10.000 MOD Bank, which includes the first 10,000 sentences from the TIGER Corpus 2.1, where the original POS tags have been replaced by new tags that provide a more fine-grained analysis of modification in German, Apr 25, 2012 · The dataset does not include any audio, only the derived features. Note, however, that sample audio can be fetched from services like 7digital, using code we provide. The Million Song Dataset is also a cluster of complementary datasets contributed by the community: SecondHandSongs dataset-> cover songs; musiXmatch dataset-> lyrics May 06, 2020 · NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) Disease corpus: As the name suggests NCBI has worked on the disease for this corpus, hence we have used this dataset for the entity ‘Disease’. We have used the same fine-tuning method which we have used for our previous model.
The dataset is divided in three disjoint sets: a balanced evaluation set, a balanced training set, and an unbalanced training set. In the balanced evaluation and training sets, we strived for each...

The CAVA Corpus: Synchronised Stereoscopic and Binaural Datasets with Head Movements E. Arnaud1,3 , H. Christensen2 , Y.C. Lu2 , J. Barker2 , V. Khalidov3 , M. Hansard3 , B. Holveck3 , H. Mathieu3 , R. Narasimha3 , E. Taillant3 , F. Forbes3 , R. Horaud3 1 Université Joseph Fourier, LJK 2 Department of Computer Sc 3 INRIA Rhône-Alpes Grenoble ...

Our children's language datasets curate the right words, defined at the right level, for each age and stage of learning. They are created using our unique Oxford Children's Corpus, the world's largest children's language database. Read more here ⟶ How could our language datasets enhance your products?

4 A final dataset shows the top 219,000 words (not lemmas) in the billion word corpus -- each word that occurs at least 20 times and in 5 different texts. And for each word, it shows in which genres it is the most common (again, to show +/- formal) and what percent are capitalized (useful for determining +/- proper noun).

What’s in a dataset? In NLP, both corpora and models are typically a result of a longer pipeline, which includes things like crawling (a specific website or database), text filtering (removing boilerplate or document subsampling), preprocessing (text normalization, encoding, tokenization) etc.

A corpus can have two types of metadata (accessible via meta). Corpus metadata contains corpus specific metadata in form of tag-value pairs. Document level metadata contains document specific metadata but is stored in the corpus as a data frame.

Dec 17, 2018 · Importing the dataset. The dataset used for this article is a subset of the papers.csv dataset provided in the NIPS paper datasets on Kaggle. Only those rows that contain an abstract have been ...

Jul 20, 2015 · The general corpus contains over 68 000 Twitter messages, written in Spanish by about 150 well-known personalities and celebrities of the world of politics, economy, communication, mass media and culture, between November 2011 and March 2012.

These datasets are used for machine-learning research and have been cited in peer-reviewed academic journals. Datasets are an integral part of the field of machine learning.The corpus totals over 100 million words and covers a representative range of domains, genres and registers. The entire corpus has been analyzed and marked up with part of speech (PoS) tags. Provenance and other attributes are carefully documented for each text.